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Famous People Raised by Cults

Cults are typically portrayed as violent and scary, but sometimes people are raised in one and thrive. Whether or not the cult was good or bad, these famous people were...

At Death’s Door: The Most Common Ways to Die

People die every single day, but there are some causes of death that are much more common than others. Here they are.

Magical Musical Instruments

If you are a lover of music or not, you probably think you have seen about every musical instrument ever made, but think again. This bunch of musical instruments will...

Abandoned Houses That Are Super Creepy

There's something about an abandoned home that is just so creepy. Why did the owners leave? Why has no one else moved in? Check out how creepy these abandoned houses

Strange Things That Are Banned All Over the World

You've probably heard of bans being placed on certain things, but sometimes the things that are placed off limits are a bit hard to believe. Check it out!

The Secret Language Of Food Labels

If you're going to bother reading labels - and you should - it helps to understand what you're reading. Because there are all sorts of ways to conceal things. Here are...

Funniest Saturday Night Live Alumni

Saturday Night Live, or SNL, has been on television for decades and the talent has come and gone over the years. Here are the alumni that people consider the funniest.

Foodies And The Future Of The American Diet

Epic Water Parks for End of Summer Vacations

As summer draws to close, people everywhere are trying to fit in as much fun as possible before school starts and the weather cools off. If you need something really...

What Legal Issues Confront Driverless Car Owners?

Now that Driverless Cars are a reality and there are a few out on the roads, it’s time to figure out the legal issues. For instance, who’s responsible if the vehicle...

Kate Middleton in All Her Fashion Glory

Kate Middleton makes the news often and many times it's because of what she's wearing. Do you think you could copy these looks?

Faith In Humanity Restored

Check out these awesome and kind hearted people in the world, the photos below are guaranteed to restore your faith in humanity. People are not so bad after all.